This is the Home Page for The Great Struggle Campaign being held at Book & Bean at Ace Hardware on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi each Friday (or Saturday depending on previous player obligations)

I am Andrew, known as Theiket Hawklight in the D&D Community. I am the current caretaker of this campaign page. I play a Human Psionic Rogue by the same name whose discipline is Metacreativity and now has a healthy phobia of centipedes (Thank you Waine..)

The GM for this campaign is Waine Ross, he is an experienced player and GM. He’s allowed time from his schedule to let myself and five others play.

We then have my brother, Chris, who plays a Dwarven Psionic Fighter called Devin Greyhaven whose discipline is Psychometabolism. And his most recent achievement, besides using Expand to get out of a hole, is mentally scarring himself with fire.

Next we have Blake, who controls Zenith, a female Elf Monk/Soulknife who is soon to go to the Prestige class of Shadowdancer/Pyrokineticist.

After that, we have Ali, who is a Human (Female?) Paladin that spends a lot of his time healing the rest of the group, usually the Elf or the Dwarf.

We also have Owen, the Gnome Wizard. A three foot tall Wizard who spends a lot of his time with a practically imaginary dragon and Dancing Lights.

Then there is Andy, the Elven Male Ranger. He has participated heavily with damage, but unfortunately has not been playing much since he is currently out of the country. His Ranger deals damage and has the arrows without their heads to prove it.

The Great Struggle

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