The Great Struggle

Christmas Break!

The campaign has stopped for Christmas, but hopefully it should start back up in a week or two!
There were two campaigns run after Week Six, but because of myself being busy with school, I unfortunately don’t remember what happened, but there were no major occurrences I don’t believe. Oh! Wait!

The Gnomes! We found the Gnomes! On another Plane……..! Only the Gnome could go through the well into the plane as the Gnomes did not want Orcs or Goblins wandering through! After acquiring the location of some items the Gnome wanted, unfortunately in Ravenloft, we set off for the Humans!

Week Six

Welcome to Week Six of The Great Struggle Campaign.
It’s your usual caretaker, Andrew or Theiket, here to bring you the summary of what happened. (But don’t tell the Paladin!)

Firstly, the door to the Vault in the Dwarven Citadel was opened, revealing items a plenty for everyone! And when I say everyone, I mean the Dwarf, the Gnome and the Rogue. The Paladin was ill, the Monk was at a birthday party off in the forest and the Ranger was traveling with a separate caravan.

The Rogue got loot specialised for him being a Rogue and for him being a Psion. He gained some very useful tools and has shared some with some of the other members of the Adventuring Party.

The Dwarf gained some powerful weaponry for his fighting, but unfortunately has not used them enough to familiarise himself with the weapons and how they will fight for him. He gained an item from the Rogue that he would find useful very soon.

The Gnome acquired some new robes and a few trinkets from the Rogue that he might find helpful. He gathered books and wands from the items available.

When they left the Vault, they chose to seal it, without the teleportation device cast upon it. They later planned to Hide the Vault from the Dwarves as they had no idea it was there. The Rogue could teleport into it at a later time.

After leaving the Vault, they proceeded to the Tower, where the Gnome was on the Rogue’s back. The climb to the top was long and tedious. The Rogue needed to stop on the way up to eat. When they reached the top of the stairs, there were massive oak doors standing in their way. The Dwarf opened the doors while the Rogue and the Gnome were two steps down from the doors with two Shield spells active from stair to ceiling. A sudden lightning attack flashed from the corridor, damaging the Dwarf severely, almost to death. The Rogue and the Gnome moved closer into the corridor, shields still active. The Lich was the figure who sent the lightning. He was charging a massive spell, taking a few consecutive rounds to prepare it.
The Dwarf moved closer, going to attack, just as the Lich released his spell, Meteor Storm. The Dwarf, which was in front of the Lich at this point, was hit by all four meteors and lowered into negative figures, the only thing stopping him from death was the Skin of the Troll that the Rogue had given to him previously.
The Rogue had cast Energy Ball, dealing some damage to the Lich.
The Rogue and the Gnome devised a cunning plan.
The Rogue teleported with his Psicrown of the Traveler and appeared next to the Lich’s ear.
The Gnome released a wild attack from his position upon the Rogue’s shoulders, killing the Lich and releasing it’s soul back to the Phylactery.

The Phylactery had to be close, so the Rogue searched and found a secret door. He disabled the trap by removing the pane and gently setting it aside. He unlocked the door and opened it. Feeling the slightest resistance, he paused. He looked in the small gap.
“Oh shit.”
He teleported the door down to the base of the tower, letting the disintegration panes fall and he teleported back up without the door. The secret corridor was revealed and, as assumed, the Phylactery was indeed there.
The Gnome, after studying the Lich’s spellbook, the Dwarf still not conscious again, got the Lich’s original skull and put the Soul within it, creating a subservant as a 25th level spellcaster.
After the Dwarf awoke, they laced the skull with Adamantine to make it harder to destroy.

This ended the game session. I have been Andrew, or Theiket, and I will continue to post updates here as the sessions go on.

Five Week Mark

So, up the the sixth week this weekend.

So far we’ve had a Dwarf Expand out of the ground, a Gnome get tossed into the air seven feet, an Elf become a Shadowdancer Pyrokineticist, a Human Psionic Rogue Control Fire and Light, and a Paladin heal a lot of people. Oh and another Human who hasn’t done much considering he’s been away.

That was the first session.
We’ve fought “I Am Legion”, Stone Giants, Orcs, Goblins (I think) and that’s about it. We’ve fought traps mainly, our DM likes to trap us. Especially the Dwarf. Fire Traps, centipede traps, MASSIVE HUNKS OF ROCK Traps, you name it.


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